A musical about making connections, finding love, and traveling on. Five strangers meet in an airport standby line and must decide among themselves who deserves to get on the next flight. They soon realize that this is no ordinary airport and their meeting is by no means a coincidence. With a pop-rock score, this musical reminds us how interconnected we are!


LKA3STANDBY started as an exploration of karma. The idea that when you do something good, something good will happen to you in return, and when you do something bad, same deal. But what if you did something bad to yourself? Do you get a double dose of bad or do you have to do something good to balance it out? In 2003, Alfred Solis wrote his tale of five characters left in dire straits to answer this question for themselves. To guide them through, Alfred crafted a sixth character to hold them accountable for their actions, past and present.

With the first draft nearly completed, Alfred met the talented and driven composer Keith Robinson who eagerly accepted the challenge to write a song for the show. Three days later “Breakdown” was written and Alfred knew he had found his writing partner for his new musical, titled LiGHTS KARMA ACT!ON. From there the music, book, and lyrics began to flow at a pace no one could have anticipated. In 2004, with a script and thirteen songs in hand, the dynamic duo auditioned actors at the American Musical Theatre of San Jose to record a demo CD, so they could meet and hear the characters for the first time – a workshop in many ways. Shortly afterwards, LIFE HAPPENED.

Alfred started a new career in education and Keith went off to New York to earn a Masters degree in music. The two remained in touch year after year, which barely kept the musical on life support. If it wasn’t for a promise they made to each other to one day have a live performance, the show would have never made it. Then in 2010, Keith met and married the amazing composer, Amy Baer, which gave the musical the shot in the arm it needed to get its “ACTs” together. In 2011, the new team rewrote the entire show, now called STANDBY, from top to bottom and produced a concert reading at the American Theatre of Actors in New York City. Three SOLD OUT performances!

Mark_AmyShortly after, the musical was accepted into the 2012 New York International Fringe Festival. Alfred, Keith and Amy took that opportunity to revise the musical once again. To do this, they brought in the wonderful and talented storyteller Mark-Eugene Garcia who soon brought the story and characters to a whole new level through his contributions to the book and lyrics. As a result of this fab four, STANDBY was a success at the Fringe Festival and extended for the ENCORE SERIES. What an honor!

After the FringeNYC, the team took a much needed break, but couldn’t resist the temptation to submit STANDBY to the NYMF. A reluctant Alfred agreed and then everyone went back to their day jobs. A few months later (when most had forgotten about the submission), Keith calmly told Alfred that they made it through the double blind screenings and that a Grand Jury was reviewing it. A few weeks after that, the news came that STANDBY had been accepted as an Official Selection of the New York Musical Theatre Festival 2013 Next Link Project. It really didn’t hit the team until it was officially announced on Playbill.com. Still in shock, Alfred declared, We did it? WE DID IT!

The rest of their history has not yet been written, but what is known is that STANDBY continues to touch and change the lives of everyone who watches it and everyone involved. The team has experienced it for nearly a decade and now it’s time for you to come out and see it for yourselves. You will cry, you will laugh, you will want to see it again.

Thank you for reading this far and we hope to see you at the show.
Amy, Mark, Keith & Alfred